Vietnam (Việt Nam)

Jan 14, 2018 Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (23)

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City, or as I prefer to call it: Saigon.

The city has taken off and really grown into an impressive place recently. It is a large city made up of districts, and is filled with heavy traffic and motorcycles everywhere.  I wouldn’t consider this a walking city that you could easily tour on your own.  Your best bet is to book a tour-guided excursion for the entire day and not try to do the driving yourself. 

Consider a tour that includes lunch at a local restaurant so that you can sample the flavors of Vietnam. We booked an all day bus tour that covered much of the major attractions in the city. We would have liked to have seen more of Saigon, but unfortunately, we were only here for one short day. Humm….guess we’ll just need to come back!

Part of what makes this city so fascinating to me is how many of the men, women, and children dress.  It is very hot and humid outside, yet it is common to see men in suits or traditional garments, women in gorgeous long dresses, and children in heavy school uniforms.  It is a bit like stepping back in time and I found the local people to be very stylish, classy, and beautiful. You will see more casual clothing in the shops and vending sections of town.  The classic Vietnamese Conical Hat, also known as the Asian rice hat, is seen all over and is a popular souvenir for tourists. 

Be sure to include the following attractions when choosing the right day tour:

The National History Museum: Here you will be treated to a delightful water-puppet show and also get to view artifacts and pottery while learning more about the rich history of this wonderful country.

Notre Dame Cathedral: This is a spectacular church that can not be missed.  It was established by French colonists and I was amazed to learn that there was such a large French influence in Vietnam. For more information visit:

The French Colonial Post Office: Another gorgeous building that was built when Vietnam was part of French Indochina in the late 19th century. It’s lovely inside and almost looked like it had a British influence as well (in my opinion). Near by, check out City Hall and the Theatre Building, also crafted with French inspired architecture.

The Sea Goddess Temple in Chinatown: You will immediately smell the burning incense of this lovely pagoda-style temple, which is also known as Ba Thien Hau Temple. You will see people praying and beautifully dressed women both inside and outside of the temple.

Rice Plantations and FieldsIf you take a guided tour by bus, it is very likely that you will pass by many of these beautiful fields as you pass through the districts into the city. Remember to look for the famous Vietnamese conical hats that most of the field workers will be wearing to protect them from the sun.

 Independence Palace: The architecture and interior design of this building will be like stepping back into the 1970’s although construction began in 1962.  Be sure to visit the basement headquarters to see the rotary telephones, typewriters, mess kitchen, large computer-communication rooms and bunkers.  There is so much to learn about Vietnam’s rich history here.  For more visit 

Typical traffic which can make crossing the street rather dangerous. Be careful and stick close to your group.
At The Sea Goddess Temple in China Town, you will find people praying and tourists exploring.
A woman in typical Vietnamese dress offers a prayer on the prayer wall.
The National History Museum will offer many interesting sights as well as much information on Vietnam’s rich history.
Fun for all, is this unique water puppet show held at the National History Museum. Puppeteers work behind the curtains in the water to make the puppets dance and perform to traditional Vietnamese music.
The exterior of the French Colonial inspired Post Office Building.
Jan 14, 2018 Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (83)
A Vietnamese girl’s choir pose in front of the Post Office before walking over to Notre Dame Cathedral for a musical concert.
Stylish Vietnamese women walk like models on a runway in their beautiful clothing.
A beautiful Vietnamese woman poses in the city’s center.
Two very kind and lovey Vietnamese girls pose with me outside of the Sea Goddess Temple in Chinatown.
Even in the hot weather, men, women, and children dress in beautiful, stylish clothing and show a great appreciation and love for their lovely city.


The opera and Theatre Building is a site to see!
City Hall also had the colonial French inspired architecture that I was surprised to see. Another TIP:  Keep an umbrella handy, as the weather can change quickly with rain showers.  An umbrella also offers great protection from the sun.  Wear sunglasses, sunscreen and drink plenty of bottled water.  If you are like us, even on a bus excursion, you will want to walk as much as you can on your own to see all that you possibly can see—especially if you are only here for a short period of time. You will be told to move slowly due to the heat, but we walked quickly and did just fine.  In areas like the one above, there are no vehicles allowed so it is safe to walk about.
Military tanks and cannons can be found all over the grounds of Independence Palace.


Independence Palace was built in 1962 but has a very 1970’s interior.
One of the many rooms inside of Independence Palace.
Statue of Vietnam’s leader who changed the name “Saigon” to Ho Chi Minh City in 1975.

It was a whirlwind trip on our one day in Vietnam.  I truly hope to return again someday to see more of this remarkable country.  Until next time, “tiếng chào nhau” or  goodbye!