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Hallo und willkommen auf meiner Seite über schönes Deutschland!

Wurzburg april 9-10, 2018 (89)

Germany is special to my husband and me for many reasons. First, my husband studied at the University of Heidelberg, living in Germany and becoming fluent in the language. Second, we have a dear friend who lives in Wurzburg who we love to visit (and we love it when she comes to America to visit us!) And, finally, we enjoy the care-free, friendly Germans and the gorgeous architectural and nature beauty all over this lovey, rich country. Springtime is a WONDERFUL time to visit when the Magnolia Trees are blooming and everything is so new and fresh.

Wurzburg april 9-10, 2018 (538)

We have been traveling here for years on business but have recently toured the country for pleasure.
It was a short trip of only five full days, but we made the very most of our visit.
During the beginning of our journey, we rented a car and stayed at the NH Hotel in Hirshburg which offered a nice base-location for our travel plans while featuring good accommodations and a hearty breakfast each morning.

Hirschberg Hotel april 2018

We enjoyed an evening of exploring the village of Hirshburg, which we loved. There is a wonderful little sandwich shop near the town entrance called Dicle Tygris Doner that is a hidden gem is you are looking for some good fast-food near the hotel.


For now, I will highlight only the places we visited during our most recent trip.


View on Heidelberg
This wonderful University town on the Necker River is not to be missed. Being here made my husband a bit nostalgic, but it was also the first opportunity we had for him to show me around Heidelberg. There is so much to see and it can easily be done in one day if you plan ahead. The following attractions are not to be missed:
1. Hauptstrasse & Alstadt

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (177)
2. Rathause Marktplaz with Hercules Fountain

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (173)

3. Walking across the Alte Bruke or Karl Theodor Bridge while enjoying the Necker River

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (113)
4. Climbing to the top of the Philosophenweg or Philosopher’s Way

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (202)
5. Schloss Heidelberg– Take the Königstuhl to the highest peak in the Odenwald forest

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (119)Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (273)

6. Kornmarkt

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (247)

7. Heidelberg University ( I am proud of my husband!)

8. Heiliggeistkirche or the Church of the Holy Spirit

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (67)
9. Haus zum Ritter which dates back to 1592

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (129)
10. St. Bonifatius Church or St. Peter’s Church, The Church of the Jesuits

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (182)

Take a break at the Schloss before taking the Königstuhl funicular at the cool little café for a nice cup of coffee and yummy apple strudel to expand the experience.

Heidelberg april 6, 2018 (276)

You won’t find tourist attractions here, but you will find a lot of German charm in this quaint little village. There are two beautiful churches, lovely homes and neighborhoods, fun little cafes and restaurants, and a nice grocery store.


And, speaking of grocery stores, check out the unique selections of pizza and other products:

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Worms april 7, 2018 (422)
One of the Oldest cities in Germany located on the west bank of the Rhine River, this is another great city to spend a day exploring. It’s easy to walk the city and there are so many beautiful things to see:

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1. St. Peter Dom, a wonderful Basilica not to be missed.
2. Nibelung’s Brucke. ( I am still a bit confused by the Nibelung’s Legend, but it’s still a fun story)
3. Eight Churches/One Synagogue/ and other attractions. (Just be sure to see them all)
a. St. Paul’s, which dates from 11th -13th century.
b. Dreifaltigkeitskirche (Holy Trinity) built in 1725, baroque style.
c. St. Andrews-Stift
d. Heiliger Sand, the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe, dates back to 11th century
e. Luther Martin Memorial, erected in 1868 and surrounds other reformation figures
f. St. Martin’s Church, Romanesque basilica
g. Synagogue in Jewish Quarter
h. Liebfrauenkirche or Church of Our Lady
I. St. Magnus Church

Take a break and visit an open market area of your choosing filled with outdoor common tables
and “Schellimbiss”, which are tiny huts (better known as food trucks in America). Würstchen, much like an American hot dog only MUCH better is a great choice along with a pastry cake and coffee. If you are lucky, you will make some new friends that you share the common tables with. Although, it does help if you or someone you are traveling with (in my case, my husband) who can speak German, as almost no English is spoken here.

Through my husband’s wonderful translation skills and some fun universal “gestures”, I enjoyed a fun conversation with an 87 year old woman who enjoys swimming each day and living life to the fullest in her home town of Worms.

Bad Wildbad april 8, 2018 (33)


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Maulbronn Monastery
This 850 year old Romanesque Monastery is NOT to be missed. Go on a Sunday if you are able to attend a church service here. Wear a jacket, as it’s very chilly inside the monastery year round.

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Here, you will find the Gasometer, or world’s largest 360 degree panorama. Words don’t do it justice, and tourist don’t know about this place which makes it extra special.

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Bad Wildbad
This was one of the coolest places I have ever visited. Take the Sommebergbahn Funicular (park in the second parking garage) to the Tree Top walk and see the most amazing views of the WONDERFUL black forest. This is yet another undiscovered attraction by tourist, so you will only see German families playing here. Obstacle courses are placed throughout the walk to test your fear of heights. There is even a curvy slide that you can take down to the bottom (April-November only) for a nominal fee. I LOVED this place!

Twenty-plus years ago, this medieval town, with it’s cool Crime Museum, was a must see. The well-known 1968 British musical, Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang (starring American actor, Dick Van Dyke) had several scenes filmed in this very location. Unfortunately, Rothenberg ob. der Tauber has been discovered by tourists and few Germans come here anymore. We spent about an hour wandering the streets before moving on to our next place of interest. Still it’s a great little stop for families with young children and visitors who speak English only. We saw many Americans happily visiting and enjoying the town’s restaurants and medieval-themed streets.


Wurzburg april 9-10, 2018 (288)

This remarkable German city located on the Main River overflows with a wealth of history. And, one of the key reasons for our trip to Germany was to visit our dear friend, Alex, who lives in Wurzburg. She runs the Hotel Zum Winzermaennle, a beautiful hotel that is located in the heart of Wurzburg. Our dear friend provided us a beautiful spacious room and showed us all of the best restaurants in town.

Wurzburg april 9-10, 2018 (33)

While staying at the Hotel Zum Winzermaennle, we enjoyed her wonderful hospitality and a lovely breakfast each morning at the hotel. I highly recommend this hotel if you are planning to see Wurzburg.

Wurzburg april 9-10, 2018 (5)

Wurzburg april 9-10, 2018 (145)

We enjoyed some of the best restaurants with Alex, thanks to her expertise and great suggestions.

Here are the best places to eat in Wurzburg:

1. Backoefele: A fantastic restaurants serving authentic German cuisine.
Menu favorite: Fränkisches Schweineschäufele mit Dunkelbiersoße
Beautiful historical restaurant.

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2. Ratskeller: Excellent and authentic German cuisine!

Wurzburg april 9-10, 2018 (32)
3. Bella Napoli Da Luigi: If you like authentic Italian food, you will LOVE this place!

4. Café Michel: Wonderful afternoon coffee, cakes, and pastries

Wurzburg april 9-10, 2018 (13)
5. Spaghetti Ice Cream: This treat can be found in many of the ice cream shops throughout Germany.  It’s as good as it looks!


Alex showed us around in addition to the attractions that we saw on our own. She began our introduction into the city with a tour of the Juliusspital, an old hospital that gives a great history lesson of how this beautiful city was destroyed towards the end of WWII, and then restored to it’s original glory so that we can fully enjoy it today.

She also took us to the world famous Royal Residenze where we enjoyed a tour in English, and later toured the fabulous gardens. She showed us her incredible church, Saint Mary’s where she sings in the choir, and then took us to the Hofkirche, (Court Church) an INCREDIABLE place where no photographs are allowed….unless you have paid to have your wedding there (As Alex’s sister Theresa did!)

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My husband and I have been all over the country, but Wurzburg is the most beautiful, the best, and our favorite city. It’s also is in our favorite state: Bavaria. Here are the high-lights of this incredible city:

1. Marienberg Fortress Castle and Church (13th century and an easy stroll up the hill)

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2. Old Town Hall (Altes Rathause) & Market Square
3. Marienkapelle and Neumuster
4. The Old Town Pedestrian Zone
5. The Residenz & Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
6. The Court Church
7. Dom St. Killian Cathedral
8. Pilgrimage Church (1750 built by Balthasar Neumann

9. Stift Haug (1670)
10. St. Michael’s Church
11. Alter Kranen (A cool crane where the college kids hang out at night along the river)
12. Wochenmarkt


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Was für eine fantastische Reise nach Deutschland. Wir hoffen, immer wieder zurückzukehren. Bis zum nächsten Mal, Glücklich und sicher reist. Auf Wiedersehen!